100% pure
Coconut water

The naturally refreshing boost

Cocolex - Organic, Natural and Sparkling

The Experience

Healthy hydration with a boost of tongue-tingling refreshment. And a naturally sweet taste from young green coconuts. Best chilled (like us!)

Low calories & no added sugar
Not from concentrate
Contains key electrolytes
Gluten &
fat free

Our products

Cocolex - Natural (bottle)


Cocolex - Natural


Cocolex - Natural Sparkling


Cocolex - Pomegranate


Cocolex - Lime


The benefits

There's great science behind Cocolex. It hydrates and flushes out waste products (really important for skin appearance) and puts back the electrolytes your body needs to function at its best.

Cocolex - Lime, Pomegranate and Sparkling

100% natural sweetness

Our coconuts provide natural sweetness with a refreshing boost. (All our products are based on 100% pure coconut water)

Anti-oxidant boost

Cocolex with Pomegranate gives an anti-oxidant boost and Cocolex with Lime delivers extra Vitamin C.

Unique taste sensation

The bubbles in our Sparkling coconut water deliver a unique taste sensation for those who like a bit of fizz.

Where to buy

Available in high end stores in the UK, Europe, China and Hong Kong. Contact us at help@cocolex.com